marți, 2 octombrie 2012

Mauerpark (and Obsessions about Berlin)

I took a walk to the Mauerpark (Wall Park). A luxury to do on a Tuesday afternoon. I realised that I have the following obsessions about Berlin:
Television Tower
The Wall
The East and The West

Here you can read more about Mauerpark - how an old Prussian train station became later divided between French and Russians, about the ”Death Strip” and the Berlin Wall and how it finally become a karaoke place, a flee market and a place where people from Berlin come and relax (right next to The Wall, of course!). 

A Map of the Old Berlin

As my dear friend Mara suggested, I am posting below a map of the Berlin Districts from 1986, including the four sectors (Russian, American, British and French). The information is courtesy of

We live in the former Russian Sector, between 1 and 2 (Mitte / Prenzlauer Berg). The pictures above are from the corner of 1, 2 (Russian Sector) and b (French Sector).

The wall line is marked in red.

Berlin Districts 1945-1990
American Sector
I    Kreuzberg
II   Neukölln
III   Tempelhof
IV Schöneberg
V  Steglitz
VI  Zehlendorf
British Sector
A  Tiergarten
B  Charlottenburg
C  Wilmersdorf
D  Spandau
French Sector
a  Reinickendorf
b  Wedding
Russian Sector
1   Mitte
2   Prenzlauer Berg
3   Friedrichshain
4   Pankow
5   Weissensee
6  Hohenschönhausen
7   Lichtenberg
8   Marzahn
9   Hellersdorf
10 Treptow
11 Köpenick